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MYXD Studio is where innovative technology meets ease of use. A one-of-a-kind DIY, zero-code content creation tool, MYXD Studio is here to revolutionize 3D, AR, VR, and MR content. Your content can be in any form, and MYXD Studio will help you transform it into a captivating product.

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MYXD Studio Features

Enjoy zero-code content creation

MYXD Studio’s pre-coded fully functional backend lets you focus on creating content without being bogged down by coding technicalities!

Interactive Game templates

Test your audience’s knowledge of key concepts and share information through our interactive game templates. Add these games to your 3D, AR, VR, or MR products, and plug in your questions or information through the editable game templates. Learning has never looked so interactive!

Drag and drop existing 3D environments or upload your own

The 3D environment that your audience will experience on has to pack a punch. You can create your own 3D environment modeled around your office and upload it into the MYXD Studio tool - this is great if you want your product to have a truly personal touch. Or you can simply drag and drop one from the vast array of pre-made 3D templates that we offer - the possibilities are endless!

Add interactive on-screen elements

MYXD Studio’s template store makes it incredibly easy to enhance your product's interactivity and engagement factor. Add on-screen instruction pop-ups, buttons, and lively graphics that can be configured with logic to create a truly enthralling experience for your audience.

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