MYXD Accelerator Program

The MYXD Accelerator is here to empower Indian training and consulting firms by helping them gain exclusive access to cutting-edge 3D, VR, and MR technologies.
We enable you to not only sell and create experiences for your clients but also service and support them in the world of 3D, VR, and MR.

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Here’s a glimpse of the MYXD Accelerator Program for forward-looking training companies

"Easily introduce 3D, VR, and MR tech to your clients by availing ₹12,00,000 worth of products and services at no cost."

Accelerate your revenue streams

Marketplace Revenue Model

Use MYXD Studio to create immersive content or convert your flagship courses into 3D, VR, and MR and make them available for preview and sale on MYXD Streamer, MYXD Reality’s content viewing application.

Subscription Sales and Renewal Commissions

Utilize your ₹1,00,000 monthly grant to fund your personal account or subsidize the subscriptions you sell to your clients. Buy subscriptions from us at a flat 15% discount and set your own price when selling these to your customers.

Managed Services Revenue

If your clients want to outsource the creation and management of their 3D, VR, and MR products to you, create a bundle that includes the subscription, product creation, and monthly maintenance, and sell it as one package!

Consulting and Support Services Revenue

Extend your consulting and support services to clients who prefer creating their own content. Generate revenue by charging them fees on services such as Train-the-Trainer programs, storyboard consulting, 3D asset building, logic writing consulting, and end-to-end project consulting.

Eligibility criteria

Company Registration

Your company must be registered in India to participate in the MYXD Accelerator Program.

Business Experience

At the time of applying, your company should have been in business for at least three years, demonstrating stability and experience.

Company Website

A company website is required to showcase your offerings to clients and enhance your online presence.

Team Strength

Your team should consist of at least five members (which can include founders), showcasing a capacity to handle the program and its associated responsibilities.


As part of the program, you should be willing to procure an Oculus Quest 2 device to show proof-of-concepts demonstrations to your clients and make them aware of the capabilities of 3D, VR, and MR.

About the Cohort

Date : 14th August, 2023
Virtual Conference

What is a Cohort?

A cohort is an event Simpencil (the promoter of conducts quarterly at Bengaluru for Indian training and consulting firms. Each cohort can accommodate up to 51 delegates.

What happens once you apply for the cohort?

Once we receive your application and necessary supporting documentation, our team will carry out a swift due diligence process. If you meet our criteria, we will promptly reach out to you via email with the next steps.

Is this a paid program?

Not at all! The MYXD Accelerator Program doesn’t accept nor offer payment to participants. Eligible participants will receive an email outlining the next steps. This will include procuring the Oculus Quest 2 and loading the POC (proof-of-concept) on it before attending the cohort.

Is it mandatory to attend the cohort in-person in Bangalore?

3D, VR, and MR tech solutions are best experienced in-person. There is no way one can show the impact of a visual product using remote presence tools. Hence, we insist on meeting eligible applicants in-person.

Accelerator Program Progression and Benefits

First 90-Days Go-Live Challenge

Experiences you can create using

With, the possibilities are endless. Regardless of your domain, you can leverage our platform to create immersive and engaging experiences. Here are some, just to name a few!

Onboarding and
employee orientation

Health and safety

Product and process

Sales and customer
service training

Soft skills and
leadership development

Risk and compliance

Financial Support


Avail a ₹12,00,000 grant

As part of the Program, you can avail ₹12,00,000 worth of products and services that can help you introduce 3D, VR, and MR technology to your clients. This grant will accelerate your journey towards becoming a leader in immersive training solutions!


Working capital assistance

In partnership with a leading HDFC bank, we will assist you in obtaining working capital to kickstart your 3D, VR, and MR initiatives. You can now easily secure the resources you need to bring your immersive ideas to life and drive business growth.


Avail group medical insurance

Small firms seldom get access to vital health and medical insurance, affecting talent acquisition and creating a financial drain during emergencies. We want to change this and our Accelerator Program offers optional group health insurance coverage for our entire community.

Frequently asked questions

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Elevate your training and consulting business with the MYXD Accelerator program

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